Simple Math:

If there's no obvious solution, we just modify our assumptions.

I am multifunctional.

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    My office is located in the mountains

    about 45 minutes from the center of Denver.

    I build websites, including Google services and e-commerce design.

    I edit books and I format and publish e-books.

    I write insurance policies in Colorado and California.

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    I help businesses and individuals

    thrive and monetize based on an analysis of needs while leveraging human creativity rather than AI.

    This may involve designing and administrating a Shopify-based website.

    It may be more aligned with analyzing an entrepreneur's business plan.

    It might be formatting and publishing a client's eBook for multi-device compatibility.

    Some days, I may just launch a social campaign for a company.

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    Some say

    I'm a unicorn.

    Who knows? It's a fair compliment.

    One thing I can promise you:

    I don't dine & dash

    and I'll always get you what you need within budget.


20 Years of Experience

What do you need today?

What do you need tomorrow?

Tomorrow's often more important

but I generally don't do "I need it yesterday"

unless we discuss a rush fee& then anything's possible.