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Most people ask:

What's it cost? I can't answer that until we do a Q & A because there are many factors that go into how rates are calculated.

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My Best Advice?

Be careful about "Googling" for insurance benefits. The first page of search results will be ad-based. The second page will likely make you unsubstantiated promises.

I'll tell you once and I'll tell you again: Obtaining an immediate price quote in the life & health insurance world is a dreadfully misleading exercise. There's simply not enough information that a web form can extract from you.

The only way to receive accurate information is to speak with a benefits counselor (that's me) who can offer you what you truly needas opposed to, well, what (s)he will make the most money on.

Time for honesty. Time for transparency.

I wound up selling things for most of my adult life. Didn't initially want to. Found out I could do it fairly well. Spent years in various "boiler room" scenarios and identified far more as a consultant, often to the chagrin of my employers.

Through it all, I've learned a lot - but about what? I'd say that my chief takeaway has been identifying what's helpful to people, including my actual treatment of those I meet and do business with.

Therefore, according to the Golden Rule, I sleep better at night when I live according to a more guidance-oriented ethic than pushing people to buy the widget or the idea. I get behind goods & services that will ultimately help people live better lives. That's why I sell the above types of insurance - and only what & how much makes sense. So if you'd like to chat & learn, I'm here to help. At the same time, my time is as valuable to me as yours is to you.