I've been an early adopter
for decades.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Square, PayPal, Quark, Adobe, HTML, YouTube, Stripe, AdSense, FileZilla, Lulu, Amazon AWS, Shopify, Ecwid, Instagram, ZenCart, CreateSpace, Draft2Digital, Level, BandCamp, BaseCamp, Envato, GitHub, Zoho, Vagrant, Asana, Teamwork...

I was around when these things became the thing, as a user, an affiliate, a beta tester and a contributor. I do tech. I use it to augment the creative process but not to replace it. That said, artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace my sense of humor or your sense of flair. I'm a human behind what came before all of that.


I'm in Evergreen, Colorado

45 minutes to downtown Denver, and virtual meetings are a daily routine.


Experienced with small business.

I've started and run several and worked for some big ones as well. There are differences and shared principles.



I have graduate & post-grad education and have logged incalculable seminar/conference hours.


Impeccable communication

I'm clear, responsive and useful. We each have plenty to do; I have that rare respect for our time together.


I have high standards.

If we come prepared to our project, we can be sure that everything's done crisply, effectively and compliantly. There may be regulations and laws to adhere to. I am certified and licensed in what I do.


I have (Japanese) Ikegai.

I know my reason for being.

I know why I get up in the morning.

I make it something I'm good at, passionate about and what the world needs.

Tip: Right-click that document there - it's an image - and open in a new tab. Read my "predictive index" to learn what it's like to work with me: A Guardian."


I click things
and do stuff.

I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to help small businesses, both established ones and startups. It could be a sales plan, a marketing plan, pretty brochures, a website with all the Google stuff that creates visibility...

Or maybe you have needs in the adult beverage industry. Perhaps it's a problem with book publishing. I've become something of a unicorn - but what's best is that I'm big on Needs Assessment.

I also produce music...

Look around my BandCamp page and have a listen. (right click & open a new tab)

Fluidynamocs Music

A client testimonial:

I know Christian Lane best for his work in converting my books into Kindle and Amazon print books. He’s honest, conscientious, thorough, meets deadlines, creative and insightful. His suggestions are always on target and his patience with changes and unexpected circumstances is deep and appreciated.

Christian is an exceptional person to work, detailed oriented, and offers on-target suggestions that always make a project better.

I’d work with him again without even a nanosecond of thought.

Lewis Perdue

~ Chairman: Center for Research on Environmental Chemicals in Humans

~ Health News From Scientists: 411 For Wellness

~ Biomedical Research: Stealth Syndromes Human Study

~ Investigative Reporting On Health: Stealth Syndromes Project

~ Author: LewisPerdue.Com

~ Founder, Revolution Algorithms

~ Professional, LinkedIn

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